IAR Tools

The File Queen will be uploading new tools to help you with your information governance. You will also be able to download her column, from Legal Practice Management, which will give you lots of tips to help in effective management of your practice.


IAR Tool Step One

This month I am sharing with you a downloadable tool which is the first step towards information governance in your firm. It is basically a register for all the information your firm needs to function, practice and a make profit. For more information on this Information Asset Register (IAR), please click on the PDF of my column.

Click here to download the IAR V1 tool >


IAR Tool Step Two

With spring biting at our heels and hints of sunshine in the sky, I would like to take your hand and follow on from the last LPM article where we discussed your Legal Practice needs for an Information Asset Register (IAR). The second downloadable IAR tool is modeled on the guidelines from the National Archives and ARMA International.

Click here to download the IAR V2 tool >


IAR Tool Step Three

The clocks have gone back and we’ve finally arrived into spring, lighter evenings, more sunshine – and time for that office spring clean! Here we are at our final frontier – we’ve a full IAR, but how do we start to populate it? Download the third IAR tool and click on the PDF for my final article to find out.

Click here to download the IAR V3 tool >

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