You Know It’s Time to Go Paperless When….

While it’s hard to imagine a business without paper, in the digital age, paper’s hold on the office is dwindling. Organisations that make the switch to digital files save time and money and reap a host of additional benefits. Here’s a list to help you decide if going paperless is the right move for your company:

Customer Complaints Are Rising

Satisfied customers are the key to a successful business. Rifling through paper files slows down customer response times, which leads to dissatisfaction and complaints. By digitising receipts, invoices, and price sheets, your customers receive information quickly.

You Dread Filing Documents

You know it’s time to go paperless when filing documents becomes a chore to avoid. Thumbing through file folders and cramming documents into them saps valuable time. Digital files can be sorted, organised and labeled in a few seconds without having to leave your desk.

Your Office Is Cramped

File cabinets and boxes take up office space. Converting just a fraction of your paper documents to digital files can offer relief from a cramped office and help you to be more productive. Going paperless lets you ditch your paper filing system so you have more room to run your business efficiently.

Files Go Missing Too Often

Paper-based filing systems, by their nature, are inefficient and error prone, which leads to misplaced documents. In a paperless office, digital files are stored in a centralised online database and can be accessed with the click of a mouse. More than one person can view and edit a document at the same time, and all file retrievals are logged and tracked so you’re never stuck chasing down lost information.

Your Bottom Line Is Shrinking

Going paperless is an easy way to cut costs and increase profitability. It reduces paper production so you won’t buy as much toner and printer paper. Plus, an electronic filing system helps lower your labour costs too.

Data Privacy Is a Concern

Identity theft and business fraud crimes are rising and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) fines can threaten your company’s survival, so you’re right to take data privacy seriously. Going paperless helps you update your data security measures beyond locking filing cabinets. Digital files are easily backed up and stored offsite. A qualified document scanning provider can offer an electronic document hosting solution with advanced encryption tools that keep your digital files secure.

Going paperless has substantial benefits for business owners. If you see these telltale signs in your office, seek the help of a qualified document scanning partner.

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Natasha Rawley The File Queen: Expert in Record & Information Management, LPM Columnist.

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