Medical Record Storage in London

Are you running out of room to store your medical record inventory? Is guaranteeing the privacy of your patient files a struggle? Are you concerned about a disaster destroying your patient records? Private clinics and hospitals face high costs and huge risks when their medical records aren’t properly stored and managed.

At Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS), our medical document storage services are tailored to the needs of the private healthcare sector. Since 1987, we’ve provided private clinics and hospitals with a reliable and cost-effective solution for storing and managing medical records.

Secure medical record storage

We protect your patient files and other practice business records from the risks of theft, fire, flooding and other disasters. Our climate-controlled record centre offers the most secure offsite storage solution for your medical record inventory, featuring:

  • 24-hour staffing
  • external perimeter security
  • video surveillance and motion sensors
  • secure loading and unloading areas
  • strict chain of custody procedures

Your medical record inventory is barcoded and tracked throughout its information lifecycle. ADDS protects your patient files from unathorised access while providing you with an organised and easy-to-use online inventory that supports the legal and practical needs of your healthcare group.

Medical record management

Excellent patient care isn’t possible without efficient medical record-keeping processes. As your professional document management resource, ADDS streamlines your organisation’s file administration processes by ensuring your medical records are expertly organised and managed. Our secure document management services include:

Authorised staff in your hospital or clinic can view files, generate customised inventory reports and order files online anytime. Our screened record management professionals follow strict chain of custody procedures retrieving, organising and filing your documents.

Professional medical record retrieval and delivery service

ADDS offers a round-the-clock retrieval and delivery service to support your information access needs. Our records centre is strategically located just west of Central London to meet the time-sensitive medical file requests of London’s private healthcare providers. In addition to convenient same-day and next-day delivery services, we offer a three-hour expedited delivery service to serve your emergency needs. Based on your preference, we either hand-deliver your requested medical files directly to your desk or electronically send a digital copy of your records with our Scan on Demand service.

ADDS safeguards and manages your medical records so you can focus on caring for your patients. To find out more about our medical record storage services in London, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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