Case Studies

Our case studies explore the records management-related challenges faced by a variety of clients in different industries.

What did ADDS do about these challenges? We came up with solutions of course!

An insurance company moving their files from a self-storage unit to a secure record centre

Challenge: a disorganised storage room, limited access to files and lack of safety measures to protect their files

Solution: a file-tracking system, retention scheduling and a safe and secure record centre

Result: a full inventory of files, quick and easy access to files, secure storage and savings of up to 40% in storage costs


Solving stock management issues for a global women’s charity

Challenge: lack of storage space and difficulty tracking and managing their stock.

Solution: secure offsite storage and stock inventory management using ActiveWeb.

Result: improved visibility and access, more office space and full compliance with the GDPR.



Implementing process changes to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Challenge: lack of a file tracking system; limited office space; and a disorganised deed/will room.

Solution: barcoded, registered and tracked files; retention scheduling; hard copy files hosted on an encrypted EDRM system; a new deed/will room process using ActiveWeb mobile.

Result: a full audit trail; immediate access to files; a Certificate of Destruction to prove GDPR compliance; an organised will/deed room; and freed up office space!

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