Paperless Office Services in Swindon

If scanning equipment was all you needed for a paperless office, everyone would have one. In reality, you need professional help to break free from the costs and inefficiency of a paper dependent-office. Fortunately, ADDS can help.

Swindon’s paperless office resource

Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) is Swindon’s professional paperless office resource. Our document scanning services provide you with an end-to-end, convenient and cost-effective solution. We can transform your paper documents into easily stored and managed digital files.

We handle the entire document imaging process for you, including:

  • document preparation
  • indexing, coding and data entry
  • bates stamping
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

ADDS’ paperless solutions can be tailored to your needs, whether you want to streamline the workflow of a single department, or you need a complete Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Welcome to a paperless office with secure image hosting

Our electronic document management (EDM) solution makes it easy to access, edit, share and distribute your digital images without buying expensive software. Our electronic image hosting application securely stores and manages your digital files and offers the following features:

  • advanced, built-in encryption
  • security levels individually customised to end users and departments
  • granular search capabilities
  • advanced encryption

Imagine no longer digging through filling cabinets to find your information. Instead, you can view, retrieve, fax, email and print your documents digitally from anywhere with the click of a mouse.

Protect your business with a paperless office

Paper documents are subject to physical damage from a wide range of threats, including:

  • fires
  • floods
  • natural disasters

Even a leaky pipe or malfunctioning sprinkler system can cause a total loss of your paper files. To avoid this problem, we upload your digital images to a portable media storage device for safekeeping offsite. That way, your mission critical information is still easily accessible during catastrophic circumstances.

ADDS can help you realise your vision of a paperless office and enjoy easy, secure information access. For more information about our paperless office services in Swindon, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.

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