Document Scanning Company in London

Eliminating the need for a paper-dependent office

Managing filing cabinet upon filing cabinet of business documents can lead to a number of headaches for your organisation.  Paper records can easily get misfiled – or even permanently lost – resulting in:

  • poor customer service
  • lost productivity
  • regulatory non-compliance
  • potential data breaches

However, investing in additional office space won’t necessarily help you manage your document inventory more effectively or efficiently, nor is it necessarily the most cost-effective or secure solution.  Converting your paper records to an electronic format can help you reduce storage space, improve accessibility, and enhance data security for your business.

Document-scanning solutions tailored to your business needs

Archive Document Data Storage’s document-scanning solutions eliminate the headaches common to paper-dependent businesses and allow you to achieve a more streamlined organisation.  We offer a range of scanning and imaging services specially tailored to your business needs, including:

  • back file and point forward conversions
  • scan-on-demand
  • image hosting
  • document management

A time-tested, precise and secure scanning conversion process

Our scanning and conversion process is designed to deliver timely and optimal results without creating distractions for your business.  In utilising ADDS’ services, you eliminate the need to invest in costly equipment or to allocate additional staff time to document-scanning and storage.

Following a thorough consultation designed to assess your business needs and requirements, we assign our document-scanning professionals to your project.  A strict quality control process is implemented throughout the whole process, including the following phases:

  • document transfer and delivery
  • organisation and preparation
  • file indexing
  • image capture and verification
  • resolution adjustment
  • optical character recognition (OCR)
  • post-scanning verification
  • post-project destruction

ADDS’ document-scanning solutions are designed to help you streamline your business workflow processes to achieve improved productivity.  Once we’ve converted your paper records to digital images, you’ll be able to immediately reap the benefits of:

  • remote accessibility to your data
  • improved sharing and collaboration of important documents
  • accessibility to information across platforms and databases
  • advanced storage and search capabilities

London’s document-scanning company

Since 1997, we’ve served as an integral partner to the London business community and have helped organisations of all sizes and types to achieve paperless status.  To find out more about our document-scanning services, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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