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If you’re feeling like you’ve outgrown your office space, your files may be the culprit. The filing cabinets that have become permanent fixtures within your office are filled with all manner of documents — contracts, personnel records, and background materials.  Although these documents are integral to the running of your everyday business,  paper files tend to take up a considerable amount of space, which leads to a cramped and cluttered working environment. But you need to have your documents right where you want them in order to support your business.

Before you call your commercial estate agent, you may want to look at a more cost-effective method for dealing with your paper records. Converting your paper files to electronic documents enables you to maximise office space for revenue generation and become more productive. Archive Document Data Storage’s (ADDS) professional document scanning service offers a cost-effective, secure and efficient solution for imaging your business records.

An imaging solution for your Swindon business

Since 1987, business owners have come to rely on ADDS as Swindon’s information and records management resource. Our document scanning service is tailored to your unique business needs. Whether you’re a large organisation in need of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or you run a small firm wanting to streamline its workflow processes, we’ll customise a personalised paperless solution that works for you.

Document scanning is more than just imaging a sheet of paper on a scanner. Rather, it’s a multi-step process requiring keen attention to detail. Business documents contain valuable and often sensitive data that can’t afford to be lost during the imaging and conversion process. Having the right knowledge and right procedures ensures expedient, accurate and thorough completion of your document scanning project. ADDS’ scanning service offers:

  • customised indexing
  • image hosting
  • electronic document management (EDM)

Our imaging solution provides you with secure access to your business documents from any location.

Going paperless improves your disaster recovery capabilities

Woman using document scannerHave you thought about the risks associated with storing your hardcopy documents in your premises? All it takes is one leaky pipe or sprinkler malfunction and access to your business data is interrupted. Electronic documents provide unlimited access to data from any remote location, so if your office experiences a disaster, your business can stay up and running. Our document scanning solution eliminates the risks of business interruption due to disaster. Scanned images can be uploaded to a portable hard drive or placed on an internal server. ADDS also offers a robust image hosting solution complete with the following features:

  • granular search capabilities
  • advanced encryption
  • customised security levels

Can you really afford not to be able to view, retrieve, fax, email and print your documents digitally anytime from anywhere?

We handle the whole document scanning process for you

From the time-consuming task of removing staples, paper clips and sticky notes to merging your electronic data into your preferred database, ADDS handles every aspect of your document scanning project. There’s no need to purchase expensive scanning equipment or assign additional administrative responsibility to your staff. We scan your business records for you so you can focus on growing your business!

To find out more about our document scanning solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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