Paperless Office London

Is your office suddenly feeling cramped? Paper files can quickly take up every available square metre of space. And instead of streamlining workflow, your filing cabinets can impede productivity and make finding the document you need seem like an exercise in futility. You need quick and easy access to your business information without having to constantly shuffle paper—and leasing additional office space is not in your budget.

A paperless solution for your London business

There’s a cost-effective resolution for achieving a paperless office. Archive Document Data Storage’s (ADDS) professional document scanning service reduces your reliance on hardcopy records, saves valuable office space and enables your business hardcopy records to be securely and economically converted to easily accessed, managed and shared electronic images. As London’s information and records management resource, our imaging solutions are tailored to your unique workflow needs and legal and regulatory requirements. Whether you’re a large corporate entity in need of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution or a small private firm hoping to maximise productivity, we utilise our expertise to customise a paperless solution specific to your organisation.

Going paperless requires much more than feeding sheets of paper through a scanning machine. It’s a detail driven process that ensures information is properly captured and organised. Your business documents contain valuable and sensitive data that can’t afford to be lost during the imaging and conversion process. Having the proper knowledge, equipment and procedure ensures that the entirety of your information is imaged and converted in the most expedient and accurate manner possible. ADDS’ scanning service offers:

  • customised indexing
  • image hosting
  • electronic document management (EDM)
  • continuous, remote access to business information

Going paperless improves your disaster recovery capabilities

Have you thought about the risks associated with storing your hardcopy documents on premises? All it takes is one leaky pipe or sprinkler malfunction to seriously impede access to important business data. Electronic documents provide unlimited access to data from any remote location, so if your office experiences a disaster, your business can stay up and running. Our document scanning solution minimises the risks of business interruption due to disaster. Scanned images can be uploaded to a portable hard drive or placed on an internal server. ADDS also offers a robust image hosting solution complete with the following features:

  • granular search capabilities
  • advanced encryption
  • customised security levels

EDM gives you the ability to view, retrieve, fax, email and print your documents digitally at anytime from anywhere.

Turnkey document scanning and imaging for companies in London

From the time consuming task of removing staples, paper clips and sticky notes—to properly indexing your electronic documents—to merging your electronic data into your preferred database—and even the final disposition of imaged paper records, ADDS handles every aspect of your document scanning project. There’s no need to purchase expensive scanning equipment and train your staff to manage your paperless project. Our turnkey document scanning and imaging solutions allow you to continue to focus on growing your business!

To find out more about how we can help your office go paperless, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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