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Running a business like a well-oiled machine is challenging if your files are getting in the way. A cramped office not only contributes to an unpleasant working environment but also puts a damper on your productivity. Converting your paper documents to electronic files can offer some relief, but only if you go about it in the correct manner. All too often, companies invest in equipment and allocate resources to scan their records inventory only to fall short of the desired goal.

A document scanning solution is only as effective as the expertise and methods necessary for ensuring success. Archive Document Data Storage’s (ADDS) professional scanning services provide a secure and cost-effective method for converting your paper documents to electronic images. Since 1987 we’ve helped all types of Swindon businesses reduce the overhead costs associated with storing and managing paper documents, and enabled more efficient use internal resources for improved workflow processes.

The desire to go paperless combined with access to affordable technology has made it easy for anyone to scan a handful of documents. But the conversion of large number of business records requires specialised expertise. Paper documents slated to be converted contain valuable—and often sensitive—information that needs to be preserved and protected. Once converted to electronic images, they have to be organised and stored in a manner that allows for easy location and retrieval without sacrificing security.

The most reliable document scanning solution in Swindon

ADDS provides you with a trusted and reliable process for capturing and utilising your electronic data. Your document scanning project is performed by screened professionals equipped with the greatest knowledge of imaging and electronic document management. During the conversion process, we allow you to focus on your core competencies by handling all of the following:

  • document organisation and preparation
  • indexing
  • image capture and conversion
  • file merging
  • final disposition of converted records

Once your records are converted, you have the ability to easily search for electronic documents or specific data within a file. Electronic records also eliminate the risks associated with storing paper files on-site and allow for digital files to be shared remotely in support of disaster recovery capabilities.

Document imaging and more

Our scanning services go beyond imaging. We offer our Swindon clients a method for managing and storing electronic images that facilitates regulatory and legal compliance and improved corporate access to information. As part of our turnkey scanning services, ADDS offers:

  • electronic image hosting
  • scan on demand
  • integration with Enterprise Content Management goals

As a result, your file retrieval, team collaboration and customer service tasks are streamlined and enhanced.

A document scanning solution done right can help your business achieve the most accurate and expedient conversion of paper documents to electronic images. ADDS’ professional scanning services are tailored to your unique information access, remote work, and disaster recovery needs.

To find out more about our scanning services in Swindon, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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