Secure Document Storage Services in Swindon

Expanding companies in Swindon needed to look at freeing up extra space in the office for all those archival documents through more efficient storage.  It has now become very simple for businesses in Swindon to store all archival documents in secure, off-site storage facilities.

Documents are stored by all different kinds of companies for all types of reasons. In many cases, the law states that paperwork must be retained in its original format for a specific period of time. In certain industries, such as the medical field, patient records are required to have an even longer retention period, even if the file is not active. In certain corporate settings, the retention of certain types of documents just makes good sense.

The problem with all these retention requirements is that the archival documents are bulky and take up a great deal of space.  Any business that operates in the Swindon area will swiftly agree that rental and lease rates can be high. Space is at a premium and as those archive documents build up and multiply, so do the related problems businesses face.

File storage is a big problem for businesses within the Swindon area and storing these archival documents off-site allows companies to free up valuable office space and reduce overheads. Employees no longer waste productive hours looking for a document desperately needed by their company, their solicitors or the government.

What is the solution? Ultimately, your documents should be stored safely in secure, managed, purpose-built storage facilities in the Swindon area.

At ADDS, we make archival document management an easy process by giving you an efficient solution to all those documents building up in your business premises.

That’s what we offer  – secure, managed, purpose-built storage facilities for document storage. Our facility in Swindon provides you with local support and the space you need for your overflowing documentation. If you are looking for fast and efficient retrieval of your documents, it would make sense to store your documentation safely and securely in our large warehouse based locally in the Swindon area.

Document storage services are enjoyed by numerous different industry sectors including those in the legal profession, practice surgeries and financial services companies. Architects, surveyors and medical practices often have to retain physical documents to satisfy local authority or government needs. It is quite likely, if you are visiting this page, that you too need document storage services for your Swindon business.

Please fill in the form to the right or give us a call today to help us understand your situation and how we might assist. We look forward to hearing from you.

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