Secure Document Storage Solutions in Bath

The city of Bath was originally established as a spa in the eighteenth century, but now it’s grown into a leading centre for tourism, education and services. Technology, communications and creative industries support a dynamic business environment.

Within this business context, company owners and enterprise leaders are required to effectively and legally store their archival business documents. Storage, when space is plentiful, seems easy. But as the archival documents grow over the years, serious problems may emerge.

Keeping paperwork on the company premises produces its own problems. Valuable space is taken up with housing documents, space that is better suited to producing revenue. Lease rates are high and storing archival documents could be done more economically off-site.  Along with the cost issues, privacy and security present inherent risks when company documents are accessible within the business’s office or building.

To assist companies in Bath with their growing archival documents or medical records, ADDS provides secure storage and management of client documents in a dedicated warehouse environment. Supported by a sophisticated software management system that can easily track the storage location of the documents, ADDS can provide an extensive audit trail of every single movement of your storage file or box, allowing you full knowledge of its history and whereabouts.

From secure document storage, we can hold the entire contents of your archive, from the initial phase of transporting from your site to ours, filing and cataloguing and eventual return of individual documents, as necessary. When your documentation is securely stored in our local warehouse facility, there are a number of features that ensure your paperwork is kept safe and secure.

Along with storage, ADDS provides a range of complimentary services. Access to any of your documents is easy; if you find you have a business requirement to retrieve a document urgently, we can accommodate you. We will locate the file, and expedite the delivery of it to you. We also have extensive indexing services to help you understand what documents you actually have and need to send to storage. In addition, we provide digital delivery solutions including scan on demand.

Imagine how you can reduce the clutter of archival documents and business records in your working environment. Imagine how much more organized and efficient your staff could be by taking advantage of our comprehensive document storage solutions.

Storing your archival records provides any company based in the Bath area with peace of mind and economic advantage through better access to stored records.

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