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Do you have limited office space, but are trying to avoid spending a fortune for storage space sold by square footage? With office space costs escalating, it’s no surprise that businesses are storing bulk items onsite, such as merchandise, office stock, promotional materials, stationery and vital financial documents. Too often, these items are just thrown into a number of hand-written labeled boxes, making it difficult to track what’s inside and inevitably wasting valuable time searching through them.

Managing your business inventory doesn’t need to be expensive, stressful or time-consuming.

Let ADDS help.

We can store, protect and preserve your bulk items in our secure record centres, help you to manage your business inventory with our online inventory software, and ensure that you can locate and access your bulk items as and when you need them.

We will store, protect and preserve your bulk items.

Rest assured that your assets will be in safe hands in our secure and regulated record centres. They have the following safety features to minimize the risk of theft, damage and unauthorized access:

  • 24/7 CCTV
  • Full Redcare alarm systems
  • Closed site

After your items have been transported to our record centres by GPS-tracked vehicles, they are tracked with barcodes and handled by background-screened records management professionals. This is the first step in managing your business inventory.

Let us help you manage your business inventory effortlessly.

Once your items are safely stored in our record centres and barcoded, how can you access them quickly? Our inventory management software, ActiveWeb, is the answer.

It is the ultimate records management solution because you can organise, share, scan and track items stored offsite in a single web-based platform:

  • Continuously monitor your inventory levels and be alerted if your stock drops below a certain quantity. In fact, you can define thresholds so that we can automatically order from your suppliers for you.
  • Arrange for merchandise or stock to be delivered in a GPS-tracked vehicle to any location across the UK and the ADDS team can arrange for your stock to be shipped from our record centre world wide using your preferred shipping courier.
  • Our scanning technicians can upload your business documents to ActiveWeb, where you can edit and share them at the click of a button.

Using ActiveWeb to manage your business inventory guarantees easy access to these items and ensures that you are compliant with GDPR requirements regarding document retention and data protection.

Why use us instead of self-storage?

  • We are more secure – the ADDS record centres are fully alarmed, security audited, have controlled access and are closed sites.
  • We do the hard work for you: we reference and barcode each box for you so not only do you have a full inventory, you have a stock-trackable system in place and will know when you need to order stock.
  • The ADDS team take care of the collections and deliveries for you.
  • We can arrange shipping of any promotional materials to Europe or worldwide.
  • No health and safety risk for your team – no lifting bulky and heavy boxes in self-storage units.
  • You will have a full audit trail.
  • 24-hour access to your tailored inventory via ActiveWeb.
  • Photos of your stock items can be uploaded to the ActiveWeb system so you can see exactly what your stock looks like.
  • Review dates can be entered for print materials so you can make sure they all get used on time.

For more information about ADDS’ bulk storage service, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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