5 Tips for Protecting Your Hard Copy Data

Organisations that create, manage, and rely on paper records need foolproof plans for protecting them. If a document or file falls into the wrong hands, the financial and legal consequences could damage your business beyond repair. Here are five tips from us for safeguarding your hard copy data. 1. Conduct a Records Inventory Hard copy data protection begins by knowing what you have. Every file and document must be accounted…

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Ways to Overhaul Your Records Management Programme in 2019

The start of the new year offers an opportunity to get a better handle on your records management. The question is, where to begin? In this blog, we offer tips for overhauling your records management programme in 2019. Conduct a Record Inventory A records inventory provides the foundation for a sound records management programme. Locating and identifying records takes time and effort, so it’s important to get support from your…

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