The Benefits and Process of Scanning Large Documents

Storing and managing standard-size documents is hard enough. But what if your company has architectural drawings, engineering prints, maps, or construction plans? In this blog, we discuss the benefits and process of scanning large documents.


The biggest challenge of large documents is deciding where and how to store them. For many organisations, this means resorting to stacking oversize drawings in piles, shoving them in tubes, or investing in expensive cabinetry. This isn’t cost effective when you have limited office space and an expensive lease.

A scanning service reduces your internal storage costs. Background-screened professionals use large format scanners to convert your oversize documents into images and upload them to your server, hard drive, or enterprise content management system (ECM). The right provider can even offer an electronic image hosting solution that stores your images for you.


Sharing a large drawing with multiple parties involves gathering everyone at a large table and spreading the document out for easy viewing, but this is not an efficient way of sharing large-format data. A large-format scanning solution, on the other hand, makes blueprints and drawings accessible to individuals in different locations.


Large and standard-size documents are susceptible to unauthorised access because of the storage challenges they present. But once digitised, only authorised individuals can access them. This prevents unauthorised printing, copying, and sharing. Access and audit controls monitor all digital access.

Cost Savings

Large-format scanners are expensive and operating them requires extensive employee training, both of which require a significant investment in time and capital. Hiring a qualified scanning provider is more cost efficient. They provide the technology and expertise needed for a successful conversion of your large documents.


Often, architectural and engineering drawings must be kept throughout the lifetime of a project; a real challenge given their sensitivity to light and alkaline environments. Over time, sub-par storage conditions can cause oversize documents and non-traditional drawings to fade, yellow and tear.

A large-format scanning service ensures that these documents are preserved as digital images. Experienced professionals carefully prepare, index, and scan each drawing. Strict quality control measures verify each image’s legibility. Even poor-quality large documents can be converted to high-resolution images protected from fires, floods, and natural disasters.

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