The Benefits of a Records Management App

As Brexit looms, the ADDS team has seen a rise in the number of clients reviewing their processes around three management topics: time, money and people. This blog details the key features of ActiveFile, a records management app used to manage onsite file rooms, and explains how it can make businesses more efficient and productive.

Track every file.

So often, employees’ time is wasted searching for a file that has been put ‘somewhere’ in a filing cabinet or file room. With ActiveFile, you can track your files and boxes by assigning them a unique barcode and location so that employees can find the file they need quickly and efficiently. What’s more, ADDS will provide the barcodes and location codes so there is no equipment set-up cost.

Sign files ‘in’ and ‘out’.

Files that are regularly viewed and shared between employees can easily end up being misplaced. With ActiveFile, you can sign files out to team members so you know exactly where they are and who has them at all times.  You can also assign files to particular employees so files can be located in record time.

Log all ‘touches’ by authorised users.

The ActiveFile app also keeps a historical record of who has viewed, edited or shared a file, which increases employee accountability, a key focus of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Run full inventory audits.

As the app is designed to constantly monitor the location of hardcopy files around the office, you will be able to run full monthly inventory audits using the barcode scanner provided.

Manage your onsite file room on the go.

You can use ActiveFile on your electronic device as you walk around your office or travel to a business meeting. Being able to assign files to a location and track them on the go is super convenient and will increase productivity.

So, these are just some of the features of ActiveFile. If you would like to know more about how the ActiveFile app can save you time and money, or to arrange a free consultation, just email

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