The Benefits of Combining Secure Offsite Storage with Professional Document Scanning

Do you dread searching through disorganised file rooms to find a hard copy document? Are you fed up of wasting time removing staples from documents and then wrestling with the office scanner to make a digital copy? Investing in secure offsite storage and combining this with a professional scanning service could be the solution for you. This blog lists the benefits of converting your paper documents to digital images and storing your hard copy documents offsite in a secure record centre.

Free Up Office Space

Leased office space is expensive. If your files are stored offsite and your documents are scanned and uploaded to ActiveWeb, you could free up valuable office space, making more room for generating revenue for your business.

Enhanced Information Accessibility

Storing your files offsite doesn’t result in slow file retrieval. Your paper documents are professionally scanned and converted to easy-to-find digital files which can be viewed or shared at the click of a mouse; each file is indexed with optical character recognition software (OCR), so you stay productive and profitable.

Save Time

Document scanning is time-intensive: all staples, paperclips and fasteners should be removed from multi-page files before scanning, and wrinkled and torn document pages must be flattened and repaired. A qualified document scanning provider can streamline this process with highly skilled and trained scanning technicians who handle the tedious document preparation phase for you.

Quality Control

Quality control is the glue that holds the document scanning process together. It ensures the correct implementation of each task, from beginning to end, and guarantees the final output meets the highest quality standards. Each image should be reviewed and compared to the original document. If the scanned output isn’t readable, it needs to be resized, trimmed or re-scanned. Only after the final output is thoroughly checked, should images be transferred to portable media or a document management application. A team of scanning technicians take care of this whole process when you invest in a document scanning service.

Happy Customers

Document scanning ensures your customers get the information they need fast. Digital invoices, contracts, and product information can be sent at a moment’s notice.

Data Security

Tracking paper files and preventing unauthorised access to hard copy records isn’t easy. Digital images can be encrypted, stored securely in the cloud, or backed up to digital media and stored offsite in a data vault. That’s why document scanning offers the ideal solution for tracking and protecting your business information.


No more printing copies of documents to share with colleagues. Document scanning allows you to share and distribute documents digitally.

So, combing secure offsite storage with a professional scanning service can give you peace of mind knowing your information is secure, preserved, and always accessible.

Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) offers secure records storage and document scanning for businesses in London, Bristol, Bath and Swindon. Please contact for more information, or a free consultation.

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