The Benefits of Hard Drive Destruction

Having an efficient offline backup strategy is important for every business, and hard drives offer an easy and affordable solution for storing backup data. The downside is that hard drives only have a lifespan of two to three years, and you can’t just throw them in a rubbish bin. So, when hard drives reach the end of their lifecycle, what’s your best disposal option? In this blog, we highlight the benefits of hard drive destruction.

Customer and Employee Privacy Protection

It’s your responsibility to safeguard customer and employee data. But many employers don’t realise erasing hard drives doesn’t fully remove their data. Physical destruction is the only way to remove data from a digital device permanently.

A hard drive destruction service offers a secure solution for destroying customer and employee data. Screened, uniformed, and professionally-trained data destruction specialists collect your hard drives and transport them in a GPS-tracked vehicle to a shredding plant. There, each hard drive is destroyed with industrial-grade shredding equipment, rendering customer and employee data unrecoverable.

GDPR Compliance

Hard drive destruction helps your organisation prove compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Each device receives a bar code that provides an audit trail of the destruction process. A strict chain of custody is followed during collection, transport, and final disposition. You then receive a Certificate of Destruction documenting the date and time of disposal.

E-Waste Reduction

Negligent hard drive disposal exposes the environment to electronic waste that pollutes natural resources. A hard drive destruction service ensures digital devices are destroyed in an environmentally-friendly manner. After shredding, reusable materials are recycled and the remaining waste is disposed of safely.

Cost Savings

Many companies keep hard drives longer than they need to, and in the process use valuable office space and increase internal data storage costs and risks. Hard drive destruction ensures prompt destruction of expired data so your business can maximise every square meter of space for optimal revenue generation.

Peace of Mind

A company’s reputation is one of its strongest assets, and a data breach can permanently saddle your organisation with unsurmountable financial burden and bad publicity. A hard drive destruction service keeps your data safe, ensures GDPR compliance, and offers an environmentally-responsible media disposal solution. As a result, you can rest easier at night.

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