Top Tips for Clearing Out the Clutter this Spring

Spring is here! At this time of year, our clients often ask us how to go about clearing the clutter that has been building up. Office clutter stifles productivity, wastes space and dampens employee morale, so in this blog we offer some top tips for clearing out the clutter this spring.

Use an ‘on demand’ secure destruction service

If you have to clear out a large volume of unwanted files, ‘on demand’ secure destruction is the ideal solution. Here’s how it works:

  • Simply fill ADDS’ free secure destruction sacks with unwanted paper files (with or without staples)
  • Uniformed, security-checked personnel collect it from your office when you are ready and securely destroy the contents beyond recognition
  • ADDS provides you with a certificate of destruction to prove compliance with the GDPR
  • Your shredded documents are then recycled.

Implement a Clear Desk Policy

A Clear Desk Policy isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s an important tool for preventing privacy breaches in the workplace long-term. Here are the Clear Desk Policy basics:

  • confidential and sensitive information should be removed from desks and locked in drawers or filing cabinets when a workstation is not in use or is unattended
  • Passwords should not be written on sticky notes and posted in accessible locations
  • Removable media should not be left in plain sight
  • The policy should be shared with all employees and routinely revisited and revised.

Arrange offsite storage and have your files scanned

If your files are stored offsite in a secure record centre, each file is barcoded and assigned a location which is recorded on an Electronic Document Management (EDM) system. Once barcoded, each file can be scanned and uploaded to the EDM system where it can be viewed, edited and shared electronically. Offsite storage combined with scanning has the following benefits:

  • Frees up valuable office space
  • Increased accessibility to files
  • Increased control and accountability
  • It is environmentally friendly

Securely destroy unwanted hardware

ADDS’ media destruction service follows a strict chain of custody to prevent accidental exposure of your confidential data. Prior to destruction, each piece of hardware is barcoded to provide a full audit trail. After you sign a secure destruction form, your hardware is run through our secure media shredder and destroyed beyond reconstruction. You are then issued with a secure destruction certificate to prove your company’s compliance with the GDPR.

Set up a retention schedule

Filing cabinets stuffed with documents take up expensive office space. A document retention policy reduces clutter by allowing you to destroy documents when retention requirements expire. Expiry dates can be flagged so you know when your documents should be shredded.

To arrange a free consultation to discuss these clutter-clearing tips further, just email and the File Queen will be happy to help.


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