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Will Storage Services for Solicitors and Will Service Providers

As a solicitor or will service provider, you have probably gathered a large collection of your client wills over time. The problem is, you don’t really know when you’ll need to access them.

Then, when the unfortunate day arrives, immediate and timely retrieval of the will is critical. The family and relatives need to know the terms of the will, and obviously your role in providing probate services is based on being able to access the will.

In the interim, you need to be assured that from the time the will was created or updated, till the time it is required, it will have been kept securely, fully protected and readily retrievable.

The storage of your client wills in this situation is something every solicitor or service provider needs to have fully under control. It does not make sense to store your firm’s accumulated wills in your office or active file room. The cost is too great given the high cost of office space. Mixing inactive wills with active case files poses the risk of damage to the wills.

Your very best option is to move the wills you have in your possession to off-site storage.

Your Local Will Storage Company

Archive Document Data Storage (ADDS) provides solicitor-friendly and focussed will-storage services. We can actively store your documents in our secure, regulation-compliant storage facilities in London or Swindon, and retrieve individual files for you – on demand. We have standard or urgent delivery options to ensure the file is at your office when you need it.

We have sophisticated inventory control systems to ensure we know every file or document that enters and leaves our storage facility, tracked with stable barcode technology. This allows a complete audit trail on every box or file we manage on your behalf.

To begin a conversation about how ADDS can support your firm with will storage or related services, please contact us by phone or use the web-based form on the right-hand side of the page to send us an electronic request. We’ll contact you as quickly as possible to help you find the best possible solution for your commercial will storage requirements.

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